Cash flow management for contractors: 6 tips to improve construction cash flow

How to manage and improve your construction cash flow

You can also work with your financial team or accountant to develop a more accurate estimate. A construction company dealt with colossal paperwork and cash payment in the old days. But in today’s technology-driven world, there are many options for clients to pay you electronically.

Even with these safeguards, you must still manage cash flow by not letting your accounts receivable become bloated. Another problem solved is how and when to use the cash that is coming in. For example, let’s say a job is won and the contract pays $100,000, and you’ll make 20% on that job. This means you can expect $20,000 to come in over the course of that job. Change orders are documents that request changes regarding the initial contract set between parties. They are quite common in construction and might happen for many reasons, including weather conditions, problems with the supply chain, or inaccurate construction calculations by designers.

Construction Cash Flow Statement:

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  • Although this is common in the construction industry and may work great for some contractors, for others, you’ll just be putting off tough decisions for another day.
  • Creating standard payment application templates ensures all required information is included.
  • To prevent this, keeping a close watch on your finances and being prepared for surprises is essential.
  • The best course of action is to try to keep your billing as close to your costs as possible.
  • A positive construction cash flow will aid you to pay all your vendors and supplier bills on time which will build trust for future collaborations.
  • Inaccurate estimates lead to surges in hidden costs, which can quickly move a construction accounting ledger from black to red.

Use an accounting system that’s ready to process transactions specific to the construction industry straight away. Take the opportunity to negotiate lower prices, deals and agreements, and stop paying unnecessary subscriptions to maximise cash flow. In addition, always include insight from your previous years’ cash forecasts to maximise reliability – because the best indicator of future performance is historical performance. Many people don’t realize that a profit and loss statement doesn’t include the movement of cash for things like asset purchases, owner draws and principal paydown of loans.

Formulas for Construction Project Cash Flow

Inaccurate construction budgeting is one of the biggest causes of cash flow issues. Inaccurate estimates lead to surges in hidden costs, which can quickly move a construction accounting ledger from black to red. Accurate budgets detail all incoming expenses, leaving room for construction contingencies to absorb surprise costs without wiping out cash reserves.

How to manage and improve your construction cash flow

If you’re not consistently generating a healthy profit, then your cash flow woes are sure to continue. In truth, the biggest driver of healthy long-term cash flow is profitability. See to it that your payment terms with vendors aren’t worse than your own payment terms with your clients. If you’re due on receipt with your vendors and Net30 terms with your customers, there’s cash waiting to be recaptured with an adjustment of your payment terms. Alternatively, many vendors will be willing to offer discounts for fast payment.

Speed up client payments with Buildertrend Payments

And with actual construction cost data automatically flowing into the field team’s cost management system, they can improve forecast accuracy to ensure maximum profitability. The real problem is that poor cash flow management can be disastrous…impacting your project schedules, profitability, and relationships. And in 2020, the global cost of rework was estimated to represent 5% of all construction spending, or $625 billion. Some common reasons include late payments, underbilling, overreliance on a few large contracts, and unexpected project costs. This lag creates a gap where the contractor has to finance the ongoing work and meet regular expenses such as wages, materials, and equipment. Without an adequate cash flow, construction projects can experience delays or, worse, come to a complete halt.

As a patner, we’ve earned our reputation in numerous projects of all sizes and complexities. I was speaking to a client just the other day about how when they started using the Selections feature of Buildertrend, their overall revenue increased by 5%. That is a great example of how an asset like Buildertrend’s construction software is an investment that, when used correctly, means more money in your pocket. So, the faster you can turn that over, the more money you can make at any given time.

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