Inside Kobe Bryant’s Relationship With Vanessa Bryant

This marked the very last photo he would share of the two before his sudden death, following a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California, on Jan. 26, 2020. “Just finished celebrating my 20 year career. It’s a blessing to now celebrate 15 years of marriage today! I love you mama per sempre #15yranniversary,” he wrote of his wife on Instagram in 2016. “Yeah, she’s pretty fierce… She came to me last summer and asked if I would teach her the game a little bit, so she just started playing, he said. “Natalia’s a great volleyball player and Gianna’s great at basketball, great at soccer.”

Laine claimed that Kobe promised her financial support and that instead, Vanessa was bypassing his wishes. As surprising as their divorce announcement was, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s reconciliation was even more so. In January 2013, the couple announced they were calling off their divorce.

Kobe & Gigi’s fatal crash

Apart from the music videos and modelling, she was married before even making it to college, and forging any career for herself. She was thrown into a life of being an NBA royalty, and then into a job that she clearly loves; being a mom, when daughter Natalia arrived in January 2003. She turned her Instagram private, and declined requests for interviews. But on the evening of Jan. 29, she posted a picture on Instagram. The photo showed Vanessa and her late husband surrounded by their daughters with a caption thanking fans for their support and urging them to donate to the family’s youth initiative, Mamba Sports Foundation.

Kobe Proposed Six Months After Meeting Vanessa, But His Family Did not Attend

Emergency personnel responded at the time but none of the nine people on board survived, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said during a press conference. The sweethearts celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in 2017 in Sedona, Arizona. With extra free time on his hands, Kobe embarked on his new chapter by spending more time with his loved ones.

In September 2019, Kobe again addressed being a dad of four daughters during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and stressed that he couldn’t be more content. “We are pleased to announce that we have reconciled,” Vanessa wrote on Instagram at the time. “Our divorce action will be dismissed. We are looking forward to our future together.” Jan. 26, 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of when the NBA star and his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna Bryant — and seven others — were killed in a helicopter accident. Though he was, of course, known for his iconic basketball career, Kobe was first and foremost a family man. Of course, years before that, in 2003, Kobe was accused of sexual assault, but the charges were drooped because the accuser wouldn’t testify; Bryant denied those accusations, and Vanessa stood steadfastly by him.

Kobe Bryant admitted that he was unfaithful to Vanessa Bryant

Derek Fisher on the other hand after retiring from basketball took up coaching basketball. Kobe and Derek were former teammates and Derek lifted 5 NBA titles with the Lakers. After retiring from the NBA, he was quick on the scene by coaching basketball teams and joining the New York Knicks. He stayed with the Knicks for 2 seasons, after a below-average run with them.

Just six months after Vanessa gave birth to daughter Natalia, Bryant was charged with one count of felony sexual assault after a 19-year-old hotel worker filed a complaint in Colorado. After Vanessa turned 18, she and Kobe became engaged within six months of meeting and were married in April 2001. Bryant’s father, former NBA player Joe (Jellybean) Bryant, disapproved of the union because Vanessa was Latina and not African-American, Kobe confirmed to the Orlando Sentinel in 2003. In 1999, Vanessa (nee Laine) was a 17-year-old high school senior from Orange County who was recruited to be in music videos for the Snoop Dog-led group Tha Eastsidaz, reports the Los Angeles Times.

Kobe Bryant’s devotion to family became paramount when his basketball career ended

Neither Bryant’s parents, his two sisters, longtime advisor and agent Arn Tellem, nor Bryant’s Laker teammates attended. Bryant’s parents were opposed to the marriage for a number of reasons. Reportedly Bryant’s parents had problems with him marrying so young, especially to a woman who was not African-American. This disagreement resulted in an estrangement period of over two years, which ended when Bryant had his first daughter.

According to Vanessa’s cousin Laila Laine, there was no prenuptial agreement. Vanessa, 37, wrote a sweet tribute to her husband — who, along with their daughter Gianna and seven other people, died in a helicopter crash on Sunday — two months ago to mark the milestone. Before Kobe Bryant was a basketball legend, he actually had plans to become a rapper (via Los Angeles Times). While his music career never took off, it did lead him to the set of Tha Eastsidaz’s “G’d Up” music video, where he met Vanessa Laine in 1999, as noted by the Los Angeles Times. Vanessa was only 17 at the time and made it to the set of the music video after she was “discovered” at a concert with her friends.

“We are pleased to announce that we have reconciled. Our divorce action will be dismissed. We are looking forward to our future together,” Vanessa wrote on Instagram, (via USA Today). However, the idea of the ring being an apology is actually misleading. As a second People report pointed out, Kobe had commissioned the ring “two weeks before” he went to Colorado from a boutique jeweler located in Santa Monica, California. Kobe, Vanessa, and their infant daughter, Natalia, went to the store together to pick up the final product. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant kicked off married life by moving into a $4 million mansion in the California coastal city of Newport Beach in 2002, according to E!.

Their family was growing just as his impressive career was booming. In 2010, Kobe signed an extension of his contract with the Lakers, worth $90 million. On Jan. 22, 2006, Kobe gave what The New York Times called “the most impressive scoring performance in N.B.A. history.” He was responsible for 81 points in a game that led to the Lakers’ victory over the Toronto Raptors.

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